Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register right now without paying online?

Absolutely!  If you are registering early enough, we don’t need any payment to get you on the invitation list.  Just click here to get to the registration page.  (Registration is currently closed.) Be sure to go back to the home page for explanation of the various elements of this trip.  Even if early registration has expired, you do not have to make payment online.  Our travel agent will contact you to make arrangements that work best for you.

I’m the chocolate lover.  Can I bring members of my family?

Certainly. As the chocolate lover, you will register as a “student” and be able to participate in every event. Your family members will register at the lower “guest” rate, assuming they are staying with you in your room.  Guests get to participate in the visit to the chocolate museum and the final dessert reception at the Epcot® night show. Of course you all get admission to the Disney World theme parks for the duration of the stay. Perhaps grandpa gets to play with the grand kids while grandma plays with chocolate!

As a student, will I have time to enjoy the Disney parks with my family/friends?

Yes. The chocolate-related events will take you away from the other fun for only a few hours each day. You can easily jump back into the excitement that goes along with any Disney vacation. On top of this, during the times when we are not exploring chocolate, you will have access to Alan Feier, a Disney travel expert who can offer you insider tips, tricks, and individualized advice. This will make your time more effective, and likely more fun, than if you visited Disney World on your own.

Can more than one student share a room?

Yes. As long as there is at least one student, the remaining persons in the room may be any combination of students or guests. We’ve heard some talking about this being a fun “girls” get-away vacation. (We’re not judging the age of who wants to be called girls in this case.)  You can share a room with up to 4 additional persons.

Do I have to be a student of Chocolate University Online?

No. This trip is open to anyone who is interested in chocolate. If you have completed the lessons at Chocolate University Online you will have an advantage with some of the lingo, but we are assuming that some attendees only exposure to chocolate has been the past enjoyment of it. By the time the trip is complete you will be the chocolate guru your friends turn to when they have questions.

Do I have to be in a food or chocolate business?

No. The only requirement is that you like chocolate. OK, more likely you love chocolate. But that’s it, really! You are fully qualified to attend.

I have a chocolate business. Would it make sense for me to attend?

Do you love chocolate? Of course you do, so you are welcome to attend. Now, does it make sense from a business perspective? If you have not spent time hands-on with a pastry chef, you might learn some great things to apply in your business. The recipe preparations, the tastings, and the production of candies will all benefit you. Plus you may be able to learn from the chocolate and wine pairing experience and open new doors of opportunity for you.  And, you get the benefit of making this excursion tax deductible. (We are not accountants so you ought to verify this for your specific situation.)

What about meals, are they included?

No. We have a dessert reception planned for the final evening.  At all other times you are on your own for meals. The Disney World Resorts offer numerous choices for every meal and snack time. There are elegant sit down options, to cafeteria style, to fast food, whatever suits your preferences. You can pay with cash or credit card with each meal. However, if you prefer to have meals covered as part of the cost, you can optionally add the Disney Dining Plan for $330 per person ($110 for children age 9 and under). Since this is a 5-night stay, the dining plan will include 5 snacks, 5 counter-service meals, and 5 full-service meals.

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