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At chocolate University Online we help elevate your love of chocolate. Sure, your friends probably already consider you their favorite chocolate guru. And, congratulations on that! Compared to others you are a chocolate guru.

But as the chocolate lover you know you are, you’re always ready to expand your love, taking in even more. Sometimes that includes tasting new chocolates, trying new products on the market, as well as pairing with food and wine.

If you’re in a chocolate business, or a business that works with chocolate, you might even be trying to boost your understanding of working with chocolate… How to make it, how to temper it, how to get it to cool properly in the humidity of your region.

At Chocolate University Online we help chocolate lovers and chocolate professionals from all backgrounds advance their love and understanding of this food group that stands alone.

After several years of working online with tons of chocolate information provided for free in our blog, and classes and training at several levels, we have decided to put together a chocolate trip for our students.

That’s what this new website,, is all about. We will feature different chocolate journeys as we make them available.

To begin, we are offering a special trip to Walt Disney World® Resort packed with exclusive events never before assembled by a Disney cast. From the classy lodging arrangements to the hands-on chocolate experiences this will be a chocolate extravaganza you don’t want to miss!

Participation is limited to a rather small group. Please indicate your interest right away to get on the notification list. Then you will be among the first to be notified as details are finalized.

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    I love chocolate and i wanna be an entrepreneur of chocolate so i must learn from the expert which means: i learn from CHOCOLATE UNIVERSITY


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